Aloha, Oasis Skin co. is a boutique organic skincare range harnessing gifts from the earth to nourish the body with the highest quality ingredients nature has to offer. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its therapeutic properties and handcrafted with the intent of creating harmony between you and your body and transcending you to your Oasis.

All Oasis Skin co. products contain only 100% organic, whole and unrefined ingredients to ensure that the highest level of bio-active nutrients are delivered straight onto the body to nourish, repair and protect, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. Each product is infused with a blend of organic essential oils, thoughtfully selected to enrich your body and mind, leaving a linger of alluring botanicals on your skin all day.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is permeable, absorbing everything you put onto it. Therefore your self-care ritual should be a therapeutic practice without the worry of what you’re using will do harm. With this in mind, Oasis Skin Co. is curated with organic blends that not only look after your skin on the outside but also protect and nourish the rest of your body.

Oasis Skin Co. represents a holistic approach to living and has a mission to promote a conscious shift in public awareness towards a more sustainable world.  Each product is bottled by hand in small batches into 100% recyclable glass. The product range includes body whip, face oil, lip balm, coconut pulling oil and lush self-care products for the gentlemen. None of our products are ever tested on animals – just our friends and family.

The company was created by Mikaela Mason who was inspired by the natural beauty of the world around her and the power of nature to nourish. Mikaela has studied Nutritional Medicine at Endeavour Natural Health College for the past three years. She has incorporated her knowledge in health and nutrition, and most of all, her passion for organic skin care to create Oasis Skin co.